Rental Management Process

The key to renting properties in Vancouver for the highest possible price is to ensure they are clean and prepared for market, look good in the photos and video, priced correctly, and are easy to show by a professional and skilled rental agent. By deciding to use Vancouver Condo Management you will get this. The following will give you a clear is a to how the process works.


Suite Preparation – Having a clean, well maintained, ready to rent property is critical to not only attracting the right tenant but also to renting your condo in the shortest amount of time for the highest price possible. As part of a listing of a condo for rent I can advise the standard minimum requirements to get the property to up to the standards needed for the Vancouver rental market.




Professional Photography – When the suite is in pristine condition and the light and weather are favorable we use professional photography to highlight that critical first impression, this communicates a fantastic first impression to a prospective renter. The right photos create an important impression to motivate a prospective renter to wants to see the property. We employ a full-time professional photographer to photograph our properties. Cost: Included in our monthly fee.



Marketing Once the suite is prepared and we have photos it’s time to market your property on the web and social media. We include as much information as we can get on the type of rental you have. The building amenities, the walk score and all the great things in the Vancouver neighborhood where the suite is located. We also include all details on rent and move-in fees and most importantly the rules of your building. Abiding by the strata by-laws is important, so we include a link to them on our listing page. Cost: Included in our monthly fee.




Viewings – As the rental market in Vancouver is so hot right now we get a lot of calls for showings. We try to schedule viewings at a time that is convenient for everyone, then take just a few people in at a time. During the showings the leasing agent can speak with the prospective tenants and really get a feel for who is qualified and who isn’t. We encourage everyone to fill out a detailed rental application. We ask many questions and do a employment, credit, and reference check, we also call the applicants previous landlords. Our goal is for you to have a hassle free tenant that will stay for years to come. If for some reason the tenant doesn’t work out we have a solution for that too. (link) Cost: Included in our monthly fee.



Securing a Tenant – We found you a great tenant! They have passed all the checks, and we’re all ready to go! They want to move in on the 1st on next month, so now what? We meet with the tenant again, usually in our office. Together we fill out a Tenancy Agreement, which is a legally binding contract between the landlord and tenant. This agreement outlines the terms of the tenancy. At this point we also secure a damage deposit for you, this is 50% of the first months rent. We also collect your move-in fee at this time. When this form is being completed we also make sure the tenant has a copy of the strata by-laws, and is well versed with the expectations we have of them during their tenancy. Once we have a tenant in place we get in touch with you immediately to let you know your suite is now rented. Cost: Included in our monthly fee.


Suite Inspection – Before move-in day (if the suite is vacant) or on move-in day, we do a walk through with the new tenant we go over every inch of your rental property and ensure there are no deficiencies. We look closely through each room to make sure both the tenant and property manager know and agree with any scratches or dents in the suite. We also take photos and any issues will be noted on the Condition move-in form and reported back to you the same day. Once the inspection is complete both the tenant and property manager sign the report to confirm the condition of the property on move-in day. This same form is used again when the tenant vacates the suite and if there are any inconsistencies or major damage we withhold the tenant’s initial damage deposit to pay for the repairs. Cost: Included in our monthly fee.




Move-In Day – If you have a rental condo in Vancouver then you probably have a law that states you need to schedule your move-in for a particular time and day. We coordinate this and ensure the move goes smoothly. We’re on-site to ensure there are no hic-ups during the moving process. Cost: Included in our monthly fee.




Payment of Rent – We have a full proof system to ensure the tenant pays their rent on time. We use an on-line electronic payment system that we set up with the tenants when they sign their lease. – read more about it here.





Maintenance Issues – If during a tenancy any problems arise in the suite the tenant will contact us directly to handle the problem. In this scenario we turn to our list of trusted contractors that will be able to diagnose and repair issues that may come up. We will notify you of the repair and the cost.





Semi-Annual Inspection – Twice a year we meet with the tenants and do a mini check up on your condo. We see what is happening in the suite, if it’s in the same condition as it was when the tenant moved in. If there is anything worth noting we get in touch with you right away.





Tenant Move Out – Once the tenant decides to move they must give their notice at least one month before the effective date of the notice. See the article on giving notice to move landlords in the RTA.



Once the tenant gives notice to move and a move out date is a agreed we start the rental process again. We show the rental property while the current tenant is still living in the suite. We try to be as unobtrusive as possible to the tenants still residing in rental property. Then we start the whole process again!

To get sense of what others are saying about us please see our Testimonials to get a clear picture of our rental results.