Overseas Owners

When you are not living in the same country as your investment property, it can be worrying not knowing what is happening and if your property is well looked after and in good hands. We understand this, many of our clients live abroad so we ensure they can sleep at night knowing their Vancouver rental condo is in good hands. We pride ourselves in communication with our clients and make sure our overseas and out of town owners always have the most up to date information.

The world is getting smaller but that doesn’t mean everyone speaks English, or wants to. We have agents that speak Mandarin, Japanese, French, Farsi and Italian. We can also offer a translation service for your bills, strata minutes, taxes, etc. Just ask!

NINE things Vancouver Condo Management handles for our overseas and out-of-town owners


1. Finding a Great Tenant – This is the MOST important part of having a successful rental property. A tenant that is respectful and understands that their new home should be treated as if it’s there own investment. This is our number one priority when renting your condo.


2. Payment of Rent – We exclusively use RENT MOOLA to collect rent on time each month.RENT MOOLA is an online global payment network that allows residential tenants to pay rent, by credit card, debit card. Read why RENT MOOLA is the number one way to collect rental income and how it works in the video below.


3. Income and Expense Statements – Once your property is rented we provide monthly statements. On the 15th of each month we email you a statement of account.


4. Payment to you, the Owner – Each month when our statements are processed and any fees are deducted we deposit the rental income into your account. If you would rather we send you a cheque in the mail this is possible as well. We want to do what works for you so just ask and we’ll make it happen.


5. Detailed Record Keeping – Your property manager will have records available for any maintenance performed, items replaced, bills and taxes paid.


6. Maintenance – We complete periodic checks for maintenance and repairs and then if necessary we follow through with qualified personnel to fix anything needed. We ensure we are always in communication with the tenant so they feel comfortable contacting us about any problem, big or small. Thorough inspections are performed and reported back to you between tenancies.


7. Emergency Assistance – We are easily available. We communicate with our overseas clients on a daily bases, so staying in touch is not a problem. We also use We Chat, Viber and Skype.


8. We can pay your Canadian Bills – We can set up a number of services on your behalf. Just a few of the bills we can pay on your behalf as an overseas owner are: Any local service bills such as utilities including cable, internet, phone service. Strata fees, property tax. If you don’t have a bank account in Canada we can deduct it from your rental income.


9. Resale – We have a team of award winning Realtors that can help with any questions you may have. Wether it’s about buying another investment property, selling the one you have, or even just to get sense of the market, we can help with that too.


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