Rent Collection




For those of you that don’t know, in the world of rent collection Rent Moola is the best thing since sliced bread! Not only does it let property managers and property owners sleep better at the end of the month, it’s also a fantastic tool for tenants and owners alike. Here’s what they had to say about using Rent Moola.


From the Owners Prospective: 

As an owner of a Rental Condo in Vancouver I really don’t like to talk about rent with my tenant, it’s just another hassle. I don’t like to get 3, 6 or 12 posted cheques. I don’t like to go to the bank to deposit them once a month hoping they won’t bounce. Yes, having an investment property does take time, a lot of time when I don’t use a Property Management company and try to do everything myself. Rent Moola is great for me, I can keep track of payments coming I and also pay my strata fee’s through them. I have a record of what’s coming in and going out of my account.  –  Shirley G. Vancouver

From the Tenants Prospective:

I’ve rented a lot of condos in my time and the biggest hassle is paying rent, why? Well, for a few reasons, as a tenant sometimes landlord loose cheques or they aren’t home when you go to give them cash, or the worst thing is landlords cashing cheques at odd times of the month. Say my landlord forgets to cash a rent cheque, easy mistake to make, they’re busy, the next thing you know my cheque is deposited on the 10th of the month! This could be the same time that all of my other bills are taken from my account and presto, my cheque bounces and i have to pay a penalty, ugh! The bottom line with cheques and cash is that neither is a fail safe method of paying rent and both have major hassles involved. Until now there really hasn’t been any other ways, but now we have Rent Moola! I’ve been using it for a few months now it’s so easy to use and all the perks are awesome!  –  Molly. M Vancouver 

To Sum up Rent Moola in a few words:

Rent Moola is a global on-line payment network that enables tenants to pay their monthly rent by RM direct debit™, credit card, or direct debit. There is also a reward program and with every payment you make you earn Moola rewards such as discounts on utility services such as Telus and popular services like Clearly, Zipcar and more. See all the perks for yourself. Don’t forget to watch their award winning video too!